Tony White is a successful entrepreneur who has established and operated many dealerships throughout Australia.

Tony holds a degree from Monash University in Economics and Accounting and has grown his organisation from a single Melbourne dealership to 35+ dealerships spanning as far south as the Hobart in Tasmania to Cairns in Far North Queensland. Tony enjoys his downtime with his wife and three children.

Tony is supported by a corporate team of experienced, like-minded professionals, which provide a platform for the Tony White Group to grow and prosper:

Sam Pagano

Group Financial Controller/Company Secretary

John Muchow

Group Manager - Fixed Operations

John Sayers

Group Manager - Finance & Aftermarket

Rebekah McCormack

Group Manager - HR

Peter McLaurin

Group Manager - Property

Wal Skipper

Group Manager - Audit

Morgan Donohue

Chief Information Officer

Doug Hoey

Group Manager - IT

Ali Karimi

Senior Network & Security Administrator

James Moodie

IT Support Officer

Harrison De Witt

IT Support Officer

Ben Doran

Corporate Accountant

Sarah Duval

Corporate Support Officer

Vingo Wei

Internal Auditor

Abdi Abdullahi

Internal Audit

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