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Speculations Arise for Ford Electric Mustang

Leading motor vehicle company, Ford, have increased speculation surrounding whether they will release the ever-so-popular Ford Mustang model to an electric vehicle.

Whispers have risen again since the company published a one minute video on their Youtube channel providing a glimpse of a galloping horse.

The Youtube advertisement explains that Ford is on board the electric and autonomous technology movement and are committed to building in the direction of these new innovations.

Speculations first arose at the Detroit motor show in mid-January when the company had announced its plans to build an all-electric crossover vehicle for 2020 as well as the goal to be the first of 16 pure-electric vehicles to roll out globally by 2022.

As you could imagine, the advertisement message in the Youtube video, as well as the two-second cutaway of the galloping horse, is enough to make enthusiasts excited about the company’s future.

Ford has left many people with a lot of questions after this video, so if you haven’t had a look at the advertisement, make sure you do.

Click the link here and fast forward to 37 seconds.

Source: cars guide