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Forgot your car keys? Soon you might be able to use your phone

Australian development company, Bosch is looking to make car keys a thing of the past using tech which uses your mobile phone as a key. The new tech has been named ‘Perfectly Keyless’ and the App uses low-energy Bluetooth to detect when your phone is approaching your vehicle and unlocking the car when you are in close proximity. This new app aims to lighten the consumers load by incorporating all the functions of your car keys onto your phone, as well as some extra functionality benefits, such as allowing users to send a ‘virtual key’ to friends and family, in case they need access to the car. Because consumers get too excited though, while the tech exists, car manufacturers would need to get on board and install proximity sensors and a control unit as hardware additions to their vehicle range. Stay tuned for any new updates on this tech being released or approved by car manufacturers for the Australian market.

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Source: Which Car Australia