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Ford Intends to Choreograph Future Cars to Reduce Red Light Stops

According to Ford, it is estimated that people waste 2 days a year sitting in their cars at traffic lights. 

To combat this shocking discovery, Ford has been looking at implementing new technology that will allow cars to choreograph it's individual speed, with surrounding vehicles. The idea is that by adjusting speed, vehicles will be able to seamlessly cross paths at red lights in order to save time, fuel and frustration. 

Most accidents are caused by sudden stops, so Ford is investigating and researching ideas to implement an 'intersection priority management system' so motorists will never have to stop. 

Through Ford's eyes, this could be very beneficial for reducing emergency vehicles response times as well as reducing road incidents. 

Despite this genius idea, there are concerns raised by motorists for the trustworthiness of the system as well as the reliability of each driver behind the wheel. 

Motorist Sidney Mincing argues, "It'd only need on red P plate Victorian driver in that mix to destabilise the whole system and render it unusable."

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Source: Drive.com