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Fingerprint Scanners: A New Way to Safeguard Your Vehicle

The concept of using push start technology and the traditional car key system will soon be forgotten as experts predict fingerprint scanners as the way of the future. 

According to Vice President of Silicon Valley Firm Synaptics, Godfrey Cheng said, "This technology will be used in cars in two to four years."

Noting that this driver identification method will be revolutionary, he also alluded to the fact that it will make it much harder for thieves to steal a car. Thieves at the moment can quite easily steal the unique signal emitted between a keyless fob and a vehicle. Unless car owners have their key fobs wrapped in foil or in a safeguard case, today's keyless and push-start vehicles are vulnerable. 

The greatest benefit of fingerprint scanners is the difficulty for thieves to steal your car, as well as the possibility for customising access features. A car owner can potentially program restrictions for each family member who drives it. For example, a learner driver can be limited to driving after certain times and there can be limitations of horsepower used. 

Mr Cheng strongly believes that biometric technology will pave the way for the motoring industry and revolutionise future car safety standards. 

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source: Carsguide