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Essential Gear for your 4x4 Adventure!

You’ll need some wheels!

An obvious first step for any 4WD adventure is a reliable, tough vehicle that has the power and capabilities for any conditions you might encounter. A vehicle with off-road capabilities to handle rock, sand, mud or snow will give you piece of mind during your trip, leaving you with more time to enjoy the stunning scenery! Need some 4x4 inspiration? If you’re taking the family long a tough yet spacious option is the Ford Everest. If you’re chasing a tough ute with a tray for all your toys, you can’t go past the strong, dependable Nissan Navara. Remember, if travelling far off-road or in extreme conditions, it’ a lot safer to travel in a group of at least two cars – that way if one gets in trouble, another is there to help.


Pack some essential supplies

One of the most important steps when preparing for any trip is making sure you have all the essentials. When you’re out in the elements, accidents can happen, so it’s important to be prepared. Essential supplies for a 4WD trip can include (but are definitely not limited to):

- A snatch strap

- Wheel jack

- Spare tyre

- Tool kit

- Jumper leads

- Spare key for your car

- Phone chargers and a back-up phone or satellite phone (if you’re heading seriously off-road)

- Spare battery

- A full first aid kit

- Water and food (bring extra in case of emergencies)

- Rubbish bags (so you can take your rubbish with you)

- Gas stove/matches/fire-starters


Invest in some good quality camping gear

If you spend a lot of time camping, or go on extended camping trips; it’s definitely worth investing in some quality gear. Having decent swags or tents, sleeping bags and cooking equipment can make the biggest difference to the comfort of your trip. An accessory that pays huge dividends in the long run is a pull out canopy which attaches to the side of your 4WD. Whether it’s to sleep under, cook under or just for shade; it’s the easiest set-up you’ll have.


Pre-cook your food as much as possible

With all the adventuring you’ll do throughout your trip, you’ll want to relax rather than slave away cooking at night, so the better prepared you are, the happier you will be. Pre-cook and plan your meals in advance as much as possible, and always think about how you will cook and store the food. Pre-cook meals such as Chilli con carne or pulled pork which can be reheated and eaten with bread rolls are easy and fast. At some camp grounds you may not be permitted to have a fire, so travelling with a camping gas stove can be a smart move as well.


The 4WD and Camping commandments!

Getting our and exploring with friends and family can be extremely fun, but there’s still a few rules that you should abide by:

  • Know where you’re going and let several people back home aware of at least your rough itinerary and how they can get in touch in an emergency.
  • Make sure you’re aware of tide times if travelling on the beach, getting stuck can be extremely dangerous.
  • Make sure you have any necessary permits your your trip ahead of time, including national parks, camping and fishing permits.
  • NEVER drink and drive.
  • Don’t take or make long phone calls to work or home, you’re exploring in nature and it should be a phone-free zone!

A 4WD adventure can provide an exhilarating sense of adventure and is a great opportunity to connect with not just nature, but with family and friends. The key to the best possible camping and 4x4 experience is to plan and be prepared for your trip, that way you have nothing to worry about but having fun!


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