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Car Shopping Advice for New Parent’s

Car shopping as a new parent is overwhelming. With many vehicles to choose from and different features to consider, finding the right match for mum and dad is difficult. A family car needs to be safe and convenient as well as practical yet comfortable. So, while you may get carried away with glitz and gadgets of a new car, we’ve comprised a couple of ground rules every new parent should follow, when beginning the hunt for the next family ride.

Check for Overlapping Seat Belts!

It’s best to double check if the car model you’re investing in has no overlapping seat belts. It’s becoming increasingly common that vehicle models have this feature and unfortunately, you cannot safely secure a car seat. Therefore, we recommend checking this problem by buckling up all three seat belts (in the back) to see if any overlap.

Check the Safety Rating!

Every parent wants to know their vehicle will protect their kids the best, in case of the worst. We recommend that you do your homework on a few models to see what safety rating they are. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) provides you with a 5-star level rating, which you can use to assess what’s best. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best), you can make the executive decision on which model will give you some peace of mind.

Think Strategically, Think Ahead!

Chances are you’re probably going to have this car for a couple of years, so it’s best to think ahead as to whether it will suit your needs in a couple of years. Even though the one you’re looking at now seems perfect and practical, before you know it, everyone’s needs change. It’s best to think critically about your first investment before your car becomes a financial loss!

 Things to consider include:

  • Will you have more children?
  • Your children will grow bigger, so will the car be safe and practical? E.g. Booster seats, seatbelts.
  • Will you need to drive around extra kids as your child grows older? E.g. Carpool & play dates.
  • Do I have enough space? E.g. Leg room, storage.

Test Drive!

Don’t feel awkward about asking the salesperson if you’re allowed to test drive a car. The reason they offer the service is for it to be used. Don’t be shy about asking to test drive multiple models either! In the spirit of thinking long-term, you need to ensure you’re buying what you need, as well as, what you like.  So take some time out of your day to book yourself in for an ‘investment drive.’ We even have a blog based on tips for test driving your future car too, so don’t forget to check that out!

Things to consider as a parent when test driving:

  • Does it securely fit a car seat (Rear and front facing) and a booster seat?
  • Do I feel comfortable loading and unloading the kid’s every day (moving seats to squeeze in at the back)?
  • Do you have room for front passengers?

Now that you’re well informed of a few shopping tips as a new parent, why not drop into your local Tony White dealership and have a scope around. With over 25 dealerships across Australia’s eastern states and over 40 brands to choose from, we can help you find the most suitable vehicle for your family. Leave the showroom feeling confident and secure that you’ve made a safe investment for now and in the future. Find your closest dealership here.