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Benefits and Limitations to Alternative Fuel Types

Fuel prices in Australia are at an all-time high. Every gentle squeeze on the trigger now costs enough to make your eyes water, as prices have exponentially increased in the past four years.  So, while we’re currently experiencing some of the worst fuel hikes in Australian history, it seems very natural for people to consider alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles. If you’re searching for something different, we have three options for you to consider.


Hybrid Car

A hybrid car is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move which may include gasoline engines which are used to a power the electric motor. For example, a diesel engine is used to drive an electric generator that powers an electric motor.


  • Environmentally friendly as it is reported to use 30-60% less fuel than internal combustion engines
  • Cheaper because it requires less fuel/consumption to run the electric motor
  • Fuel efficient because it weighs significantly less than traditional engines and therefore higher gas mileage
  • Higher resale value as hybrid cars become more popular


  • Expensive as the initial cost is higher than traditional cars
  • Maintenance is expensive as not all auto-shops are equipped to fix this new breed of car
  • Higher electrocution potential due to the high voltage


Natural Gas Car

A natural gas car uses compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. For example, CNG is the same fuel you might use at home for heating a stove where the gas is stored in a high-pressure cylinder. Unlike CNG which a heated fossil fuel is, LNG is the cooled version which turns into a more energy dense, liquid form.


  • A high abundance of this fossil fuel means it is less likely to deplete soon
  • More fuel efficient and is cleaner, therefore, lower need to change the oil in your car
  • Low maintenance costs because the natural gas is less likely to have wear and tear on your engine
  • Tax incentives for purchasing a natural gas vehicle due to lower pollution deposit


  • Shorter driving range compared to traditional vehicles
  • Less performance because of the lower mileage
  • Less horsepower which results in reduced speeds


Electric Car

A vehicle that uses one or more electric motors to run the engine. For example, an engine that uses rechargeable batteries to store energy.


  • Energy efficient as it typically converts 59% - 62% of the electrical energy to the wheels of the car.
  • Very easy to maintain due to the electric motors hosting fewer moving parts
  • Cheaper to run in comparison to petroleum


  • Takes a while for the batteries to recharge the car
  • The batteries are expensive to replace in the unlikely event that it may need to be
  • Electric cars have shorter driving distances


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